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Global is a church that believes in God, the salvation that He freely gave us in his only Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit sent as a guide into all Truth.  We love and celebrate God and all people

The salvation provided by the sacrifice of Jesus is an amazing gift given and available to all people.  This gift is so overwhelming that it compels us into genuine worship, and the spreading of God’s Kingdom to our local area and the whole globe.

Global Church gets it's Christian roots from Brazil where decades ago missionaries from the U.S. went to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our church in Brazil we are called Shalon Church. Here in the U.S.


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Church 9th Anniversary

We are so happy you have decided to know more about us!

Our Pastors

Joceley and Jennifer were pastors in Brazil for many years before come to the

United States, responding a God's

specific calling. They left their

home, family, friends, church

and a lot of spiritual children

behind. They arrived in Puyallup,

Washington where most of

Jennifer’s family resides.

They started Global Church

eight years ago working with

several outreach ministries.


Joceley and Jennifer are

continuing to live a life

of faith and are

seeing God’s


and miracles

every day.​

Joceley & Jennifer


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Service on SUNDAY 10AM | 253-256-4733

14422 Meridian Ave, Puyallup, WA.